The Happiness Connection

We’ve all heard the phrase “be happy”.  I used to wish for that as I blew out candles on my birthday cake or tossed a coin into a fountain.  I figured if I wished for happiness, it would be the umbrella covering everything; those I care about would be healthy and safe, financial stress would be minimal, I would enjoy each day… Then I read the book The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner.  I found myself thinking more specifically about what makes each of us happy. Weiner searches for the happiest places in the world and explores what happiness […]


Thanks for visiting my blog!  I am a clinical therapist and my goal is to provide some thoughtful ideas, insights and connections that I have gleaned through my various sessions with my clients, professional opportunities, and other experiences.  I have worked as a school social worker in public schools, I presently maintain a private practice as a therapist, and I am a parent, wife and daughter.  We are all defined by many roles, ideas, experiences, beliefs and titles; they are all different puzzle pieces joining together to make ourselves whole.  We then look to connect to others and with others […]