The Chemistry Connection

How do you meet people is a question that is often asked, but really, what we are asking is how do we meet people we like, connect with, enjoy, and feel good around. It is that old-fashioned phrase “have chemistry”.  We talk to many people throughout our day, whether it is at our morning coffee shop, on a school playground, at the office, but who would you like to spend your free time with?  Who makes you laugh or brings out your funny-side?  Who do you have chemistry with? Literally, chemistry is the study of how matter interacts.  When we […]

Empty Your Head

At least once a week, someone will say to me something about being overwhelmed.  They are not sleeping or they are sleeping restlessly.  They have less patience.  They are frustrated, maybe even acting more aggressive than usual.  I hear this from all walks of life:  Friends, family, child and adolescent clients, adult clients.  We are all living a world of to-do lists and not-enough-time. I’ve found myself using the words “empty your head” when strategizing how to feel better.  Sometimes we do that simply by making a list… and crossing things off of it.  Other times we may talk to […]